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  • It combines ethics and economics

Decentralization must proceed from basis that all decision making should be done in a morally sound manner, and economic development must be a central aim. This includes the subsidiarity pricpiles that are as far as possible decisions should be taken at the level closest to the citizen.  

  • It has many dimensions

There is no one size-fits-all decentralization. Each country has different social-economic, political and cultural realities. Countries will differ as to their capability to pursue decentralization. Similarly every citizen in the community will have different kinds of capability at their advantage.

  • It broadens the information base

A healthy local democracy enhances citizen's access to information. It requires the elected representatives and local leaders to listen to information coming out of Communities.

  • It recognizes that values differs across people and groups

A healthy local democracy means citizens have the right to hold municipal council figures accountable, scrutinize policies and influence change at election time and between.

  • It draws attention to group disparities and capabiltiy disparities between nations.

Effective local democracy not only highlights disparities within and across communities but finds meanful ways of addressing them.

What Constitutes a Healthy Local Government 

  • elections conducted without intimidation and under a system that is transparent and also commands respect and legitimacy
  • inclusive local decision making
  • appropriate developed powers
  • clarity of roles and functions of the different spheres of governemnt through constitutional or legal recognition
  • finance commensurate with its functions
  • effeciency and effective delivery of services
  • local government having an organized voice that is recognized as autonomous and legitimate.
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