Project Areas 

  • Area A - Navo (pt of) lying  south & South West of the Nadi Town Centre
  • Area B- Bilainadi/Naitavo (Part of)
  • Area C- Newtown/Wailoaloa
  • Area D- Namaka Industrial East
  • Area G- Savunawai

Basic Plan

  • The Navakai sewerage plant has reached its full capacity and has not been able to handle the flow of sewerage from areas that it serves. Denarau is served by this sewarage plant. It is affecting the building development in Nadi Town as the building potential of sites has not been fully utilized. The basic plan is to make a bigger sewerage plant to handle all the areas it serves.
  • Traffic congestion is becoming a real problem. Apart from the high population growth that has taken place, over 400.000 tourists pass through Nadi each year. It has put a lot of pressure on the transportation infrastructure system. NTC is planning on having a walkway and a link road between the main street and nadi back road.


Gold Plan

  • Flooding is a critical issue as the extensive use of land in the surrounding areas and in the upper highland areas,has casued the high concentration of sedimentation in the Nadi River. The solution has been worked out is the dredging of the Nadi River and the creation of flood plains in the upper high areas. A drainage scheme is being prepared in order to alleviate the flooding problems


  • The collection and disposal of garbage had presented a real problem. The location of garbage disposal site has been located a certain distance from the Nadi International Airport. At the moment there is no garbage disposal site and NTC is using the site of another near-by town. Therefore it has created additional work and a enviromental problem. The gold plan is to create a garbage disposal site in the upper high areas of Nadi.


Plantinum Project

 A town planning scheme was prepared in 1998 and was approved for the areas included within the town for the extension on the town boundaries in 2004. The use of the approved planning scheme as the basis for forward planning has been allowed by the council towork out its infrastructure provisions program, provision of recreational and social facilites and has helped the individuals and private sector in their investment choices and in their decision to invest in land and building development projects. The building and land development approval system has been an avenue allowing the incremental growth of Nadi Town to be considered in a profesional manner from the point of view of the council and private sector. It will enable the council to address the issues concerning the construction of roads and drains, provision of water supply and electricity, sewerage, rufuse and waste water disposal and provision of recreational open space which is required as 5% of the subdivided land area at the land development and building stage as well as the operational stage of development. The developments are properly linked to existing public infrastructure and facilities such as roads, drains and other public facilities. 


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