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Nadi Town is a regional town, the main center is an urban population of over 42,000 people. The town has developed with the characteristics of a regional, national, and international centre- two markets, bust stand, stadium, supermarkets, international hotels, high class shopping and recreational facilities, hospital, magistrate court, golf course, government offices.

Nadi is multiracial with many of its inhabitants Indian or Fijian, along with a large transient population of foreign tourists. Along with sugar cane production, tourism is a mainstay of the local economy. The Nadi region has a higher concentration of hotels and motels than any other part of Fiji. With its large Indo-Fijian population, Nadi is a centre for Hinduism and Islamin Fiji.  It has the largest Hindu temple in the Southern hemisphere, and is a site for pilgrims called Sri Siva Subramaniya temple. Muslims worship at the Nadi Mosque and the Ahmadiyyahs worship at the Ahmadiya Mosque.

Nadi International Airport located 9 kilometers from the city, is the largest airport in Fiji and is served by Air Pacific(the international airline of Fiji), Air New Zealand, Pacific Blue, Korean Air and some other domestic airlines such as Pacific Sun, Air Fiji and V.I.P charter airline Air Wakaya.  Thus, Nadi is the principal port of entry for air travelers to Fiji, even though it is on the opposite (western) side of the island of Viti Levu from the nation's capital and largest city, Suva.

Nadi is a hub of commerce and tourism, with about 18 hotels, and is popular among travelers seeking to take ferries to island resorts in Fiji's western Mamanuca Groups of islands. There is also the beauty of Botanical Gardens and Sleeping Giant Gardens which has a magnificent orchid collections.

The town is adminstrated and managed By Nadi Town Council  in line with established principles of urban development

  •  the council is democratically elected and accountable to its ratepayers and not the Central Government.
  • It has local tax raising powers, powers to strike rates and to levy fees and charges.
  • It is responsible for the provisions of a wide range of services.

 NTC is an essential institution of civilization as it promotes local autonomy and accountablility, it creates an enabling environment for the market to channel resources to the production of goods and services and it provides the property owners with certain basic and essential services.

Nadi Town Council believes in views of limited and scarcity of resources, the special geographical layout of the Fiji Islands, the unique land tenure system in the country, overrall abiltiy of Government to provide goods and services throughout the country.

NTC strongly believes in the clear demarcation of responsibilities between Local and Central Government. The Nadi Town Council gives high priority to all the opportunities that are beneficial to the council. The training of staff is a key focus with the staff attending courses both locally and overseas. It is taking advantage of relevant courses offered by the Fiji National Training Centre. Both the council and the management staff have been actively involved in all the training programmes that have been and are conducted by the CLGF coorinating mechanisms.







 NTC takes pride in keeping the gardens as beautiful as they can and everytime they beautify the parks and gardens to make it a visual treats for the residents as well as the tourists.






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