The services provided by the Council are the issuance of business license, maintenance and upgrading of infrstructure, sanitation services, drainage and maintenance and upgrading of instrastructure, sanitation services, drainage and maintenance of parks and gardens. Revenues generated by rates levied issuance of business licenses and rent received from Council properties are used to finance the above services as well as the administration expenses of the Council.  

The council also looks after the

  • urban market health issues
  • housing market developments of the two markets
  • infrastructure and services of the drainage.



 As of  Novemeber 2008, the Council collected $1.499,400.00 in rates of which $682,625.00 represnets arrears. So far,74% of the current rates have been collected and that the council is vigorously pursuing its campaign to collect the remainder amount.

Approximately the overdue rates is 3.5 million dollars according to the CEO Robin Ali. The first step was to grant an approval for the 30% discount on the full payment of arrears which several defaulters took advantage of.

The rates collected hepls the council to shift that amount into the better use for the public itself. Such as paying for the taffic lights in the town.


The NTC is responsible for the provision and maintenance of wide range of services. These services include processing of building and land development applications, providing advice on town and country planning, public health and a whole range of matters: provision of sanitation services, provision and maintenance of roads and carparks, issuing and maintenance of gardens, parks and public recreational facilities such as municipal library, market and civic auditorium.



  • Recreation Projects

The Pratap Foodstall Children Park near the Bus Stand was developed by Pratap Investment Company. The area previous was a popular spot for drinking. Therefore the council decided to develop it as a childrens playground and the remaining area to be converted into a public carpark.

RC Manubhai park at Namaka is also part of the Bountiful Subdivision and a similar carpark and children playground is to be developed there as well.

The Dr.Shaib Park, MC Patel Park at Mountain View, DR.Hari Kewal Park at ATS Subdivision and Nauqa Park at Savunawai are all under construction to develop a children playground and public carpark areas as well.

The council is also planning of developing a hockey turf and a multipurpose court at the FASA Subdivision at Mountain View, and a handicraff and cultural centre for the public.


The construction of buildings in Nadi Town is a big development in terms of monetary and tourism idustry benefits.




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